If They Wont pay you then dont lend

How to deal with debtors who don’t want to pay, check this out

If They Wont pay you then dont lend

Choosing a way to deal with debtors who don’t want to pay can be an alternative way for those of you who want to collect debts. One day we may intend to collect debts from friends in a good way so as not to offend, but often this method is even less effective.
Although we have to be firm, we must be careful in collecting debts. Collecting debt with emotion is certainly not a wise choice. In addition to draining energy, in many cases, uncontrolled emotions often trap us in a new problem. Then how to deal with debtors who do not want to pay? follow this method.

1. Remind Before Deadline

You often allow friends or relatives who are late to pay debts, either because you don’t want to be confronted or offended or maybe because you are too busy and lazy to do it. If that’s the case, you can start making notes on debtor’s repayment appointments and add them to your phone’s calendar. Then you can remind the debtor a few days before the promise to pay in a subtle way.
You can remind him with words like “Don’t forget to transfer right away next week” to give a subtle warning about the obligations he has. If the borrower has good intentions, then they will feel happy if reminded. Also if you have closeness or familiarity, then these words are a reminder to immediately seek payment.

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2. Document

When talking to friends or relatives about their debts either in person, by phone or chat, document the conversation as much as possible. Pay close attention to everything that is said, including their promises and reasons for delaying paying debts. This documentation is useful so that debtors don’t dodge when you collect them again. But always remember not to spread the documentation on social media or give it to others because the consequences will be very fatal.

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3. Prepare Mentally

It’s important to keep your focus on getting paid, because usually debtors will give you a thousand and one reasons that can make your heart melt again. You should remain friendly and avoid high pitched speech. If you collect debt by not setting that mindset, the debtor will have the upper hand.

4. Don’t threaten and act violently

At this point, your goal is simply to find out what the problem is and how you can get paid. Think back to how valuable your relationship with debtors is, how likely they are to recover from their current predicament, and how much of their money you can expect to get back.
Billing with explosive emotions will certainly offend. The bad effect is they will find a way to avoid you. If they have avoided then you will need double the energy, trying to meet and collect debts.

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5. Avoid Confrontation and Manipulation

You can try to find out why they haven’t paid the debt. If the person is blaming someone else for not paying him or her a debt, confirm that it’s true by contacting the person. That way you will know the root of the problem and the truth of the reason.

6. Provide Payment Options

If a friend or relative is having a hard time paying off a debt, he or she may be able to make the payment in installments. Try to come up with a new lightening payment deal. Remember that your main goal is for them to pay off all the debt.

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7. Make a Written Agreement

If they agree to a new agreement, this is an opportunity for you to make a written agreement. Summarize specifically when they will make the payment, and what form of payment will be used. A written agreement will make it easier for you to make your next billing.


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