How To handle Hiccups on Infant Baby

Often infants get hiccups, and I know that it can be frightening. I often get calls from clients saying “oh no, the child has hiccups what can I do?” Hiccups are extremely common. And much like hiccups do not hurt us, hiccups don’t hurt children. Sometimes you see a baby look a little distressed or may cry; that’s just because they do not understand what is occurring to them which something out of their control is managing them.

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The very best thing to do is actually nothing. You can sidetrack your child by talking with your baby, rocking your baby and singing to your baby, and do any other bonding workout that would distract your baby.

In concerns to providing them anything or feeding them anything, it’s actually recommended that when the baby gets the hiccups you simply leave them be. There’s no sense in terrifying them; that’s not going to help them; it will just make it worse. Some parents utilize gripe water, or even distilled cooled chamomile tea to ease the hiccups.

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If your kid gets hiccups typically and you find these remedies helpful and they do not hurt your kid then absolutely utilize them if they assist your child feel better. You can discover gripe water at any drug store, child shop, drugstore and usually all it is chamomile, ginger, and fennel– things utilized to calm infants or help settle their stomachs.

Utilizing these treatments, or sidetracking them, are the best things for hiccups.

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