Tips for Facing Retirement to Stay Happy in Old Age   – Retirement is not an easy thing for most elderly people. Some consider retirement to be a boring period that makes the elderly question their worth.

The various kinds of work and activities that are carried out before entering retirement provide the elderly with a goal or achievement that makes them feel needed and valuable.

Not infrequently, some people who are already in retirement experience depression or health problems due to lack of physical activity. Therefore, the elderly need to face retirement well to prevent mental and physical disorders from haunting them.

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How do you deal with retirement?

Retirement can cause depression in the elderly by making him question his worth and identity in the family and society. Sometimes, retirement can also be a reminder for the elderly of their fear of illness and death.

Although it can happen, it does not mean that the elderly cannot prevent the negative effects of this period. Well, if there are family members who have entered retirement, you can try to help them understand and apply a number of tips for dealing with this period, as follows:

1. Recognizing the reality that exists

When entering the retirement period, the elderly may deny that they really should be in retirement. This is especially true for the elderly who during their work had high positions and achievements. In the medical world, this condition is known as  post power syndrome Unfortunately, this denial actually makes the elderly often feel negative emotions and eventually triggers a pessimistic view of the coming retirement period and inevitably has to be lived. To overcome this, you can convince the elderly not to suppress the emotions they feel. It’s natural to feel sad because you’re retired. However, keep in mind that this should not drag on and lead him to accept this fact. 

2. Looking for a new purpose in life

Having retired does not mean that the elderly have completely lost their purpose in life. His purpose in life is not only around work. Therefore, do not make retirement an obstacle for you in living life. Invite the elderly to discuss to determine their next life goals, such as volunteering, traveling abroad, or even just helping the grandchildren to be able to do school work.

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3. Make small achievements

You can also invite the elderly to make some small achievements before facing retirement later. Make small, detailed and realistic goals, such as losing three pounds per month, and so on.

4. Prepare a retirement fund

Many elderly people are afraid to face retirement because they feel they no longer have income so they are worried about how they will have to meet their daily needs. That’s why, preparing a retirement fund is a tip for facing the next retirement period that needs to be implemented so that the elderly can avoid these negative thoughts and he can enjoy retirement with peace and certainty. 

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5. Schedule daily activities

Retirement does not mean the elderly do not have a daily schedule. This should actually be used as time to do activities that previously wanted to be done but were hindered by other activities such as work.  In order for the elderly activities to run smoothly, it is better to make a daily schedule. For example, in the morning it is time for exercise or gardening, in the afternoon reading a book or playing music, and in the afternoon until evening it is time to gather with family. 


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