Tips for Collecting Retirement Funds Quickly and Safely

Tips for Collecting Retirement Funds Quickly and Safely  ini– Life is full of risks. Layoffs can happen at any time, not to mention if there is a natural disaster or a deadly epidemic. Therefore, an emergency fund must always be available. However, there are other risks beyond the two risks that require us to have larger amounts of money. Especially if it’s not a risk in old age.

Instead of being confused, it’s better to have insurance that can protect our finances in old age as well as have investment features. You can try pension and old age protection products from Manulife such as MiFuture Income Protector (MiFIP) and MiGolden Retirement.

MiFuture Income Protector (MiFIP) is a product from Manulife Indonesia that will provide income in old age up to eight times the total of Dana Mapan. In addition, MiFIP also has death and accident risk protection of up to 100 percent from Dana Mapan.

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For those who want to retire faster, there is MiGolden Retirement that can help prepare retirement savings even if we intend to retire at the age of 40! Not to mention, pension benefits can also be given to the bereaved family, if the insured dies.

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That is the function of a pension fund and the importance of having retirement savings, so that in the future our children will not become the sandwich generation who must be burdened with the living expenses of their parents, as well as their own families in the future. Remember, you know, collect retirement savings while you are still productive, so that a happy and financially free life is certainly not wishful thinking!

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