This is the list of PNS Pension Salaries, Starting from Group I to Class IV – It’s no secret, one of the main reasons the Civil Servant (PNS) profession is the target of many people is the existence of a pension in old age.

The retirement age for state servants is currently set at 58-65 years. Then how much is the salary of a civil servant pensioner or a civil servant pension?

Every month, retired civil servants get a salary in the form of a basic pension. Apart from civil servants, basic pensions are also given to other state apparatus such as the TNI and Polri.

The amount of this civil servant pension salary is regulated through Government Regulation Number 18 of 2019 concerning Determination of the Principal Pension for Civil Servants and their Widows/Widows.

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In addition to receiving basic civil servant pensions, retired ASNs also receive other income in the form of family allowances and monthly food allowances.

The salaries of retired civil servants are managed and distributed by the state-owned company PT Taspen (Persero), where the pension funds for Taspen civil servants are distributed to retirees through the Taspen network to the Post Office.

Salaries of retired civil servants The following is a list of salaries for retired civil servants:

  1. The basic pension of civil servants for class I civil servants is between Rp. 1,560,800-Rp 2,014,900.
  2. Class II civil servants between Rp 1,560,800-Rp 2,865,000
  3. Civil servants for Group III between Rp 1,560,800-Rp 3,597,800
  4. Civil servants for Group IV between Rp 1,560,800-Rp 4,425,900
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Pension money for widows/widowers retired for civil servants

  1. Retired widows/widowers for civil servants class I is IDR 1,170,600.
  2. Retired widows/widowers of class II civil servants between Rp. 1,170,600-Rp 1,375,200.
  3. Retired widows/widowers of class III civil servants are between Rp. 1,170,600-Rp. 1,727,000.
  4. Retired widows/widowers of class IV civil servants between Rp. 1,170,600-Rp. 2,124,500.
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Retirement of widow/widower left by civil servant who died

  1. Retired widow/widower civil servant who died class I between Rp 1,560,800-Rp 1,934,800.
  2. Retired civil servant widows/widowers who died class II between Rp 1,560,800-Rp 2,746,500.
  3. Retired civil servant widows/widowers who died class III between Rp 1,786,100-Rp 3,453,300.
  4. Retired civil servant widows/widowers who died class IV between Rp 2,111,400-Rp 4,243,600.


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