These are 6 Tips for Calm and Focus on Exams to Work on Problems Smoothly!

These are 6 Tips for Calm and Focus on Exams to Work on Problems Smoothly

  1. Study Effectively Long Before Exam Time

So that you are calm and focused when facing exams, it’s a good idea to prepare yourself in advance with effective study methods.

There are many ways to do it, really. For example, you can study with your comrades in arms or you can ask for extra time to study with your teacher at school.

Or, you can study with Quipper Video. Because, in Quipper Video, there are many learning materials that will help you understand the exam materials optimally. In addition, Quipper Video has practice questions that can help you prepare for the various questions that will appear during the exam.

Of course, you have to do this effective study regularly and on a schedule. So that there is enough free time for your brain to process all the learning material carefully.

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2. Don’t Learn with the Overnight Speed ​​System

When you will face an exam, try not to study with the “overnight speed system” aka SKS. Because, it will only make you short of rest. Lack of rest time will certainly have an impact when the next day you do the questions.

You will feel disturbed by drowsiness until you lose focus during the exam. In fact, a body that lacks rest will make you panic quickly so that when you face easy questions it will feel difficult.

This may happen because your brain is not working optimally. Lack of rest results in reduced oxygen intake to the brain and your brain’s performance slows down. This lack of brain performance will make you often blank and confused when reading questions. You also have to work twice to reread and understand the questions on the exam questions.

3. Enough rest

Tips to calm down and focus on the exam later is that you must have a fit body. Therefore, you really need adequate rest. Don’t stay up late and don’t do activities that will drain your energy excessively.

Try, a week before the exam, you already have the right sleep pattern. Try to sleep and wake up on time. Quipper Video Blog recommends that you go to bed earlier, which is 9pm so you can wake up at 6am feeling refreshed.

Then, when you wake up later, try to warm up a little before taking a shower. You need to do this so that your body can be more relaxed. Get in the habit of sleeping two weeks before the exam. That way, when the exam day arrives, your body has adapted to the new sleep pattern.

4. Prepare All Exam Needs In Advance

Studying is mandatory for you to be able to face the exam easily. However, there are other preparations that are no less important, namely all test equipment, from stationery to exam cards.

You must have prepared all your exam needs so that nothing is left behind when you go to the exam place. Make sure all your necessities are complete and in your bag.

It would be better, you have all this equipment ready in your bag a week before the exam. That way, you no longer need to look for where the important objects are. When the morning before the exam, you just need to take your bag and go straight to school in peace.

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5. Learn Self Relaxation Techniques

Tips to calm down and focus on the next exam is to learn to relax yourself. Learning relaxation techniques can be useful enough to calm your mind ahead of an exam. By doing so, you can be more calm and relaxed so that all your fears when you are about to face an exam can disappear.

Presumably there are many variants of self-relaxation techniques that you can apply. However, Quipper Video Blog’s advice is to try a technique that suits your character. Because, everyone has a different point of relaxation. If you apply the wrong relaxation technique, it will not work for you.

First identify what things can make you relax. To be able to recognize it, you just need to remember your habits when you’re panicking. There are some general techniques you can apply when you are about to panic. The technique is like taking a deep breath, closing your eyes, and stopping to think for a moment.

6.Eat & Drink Enough Before the Exam

Before you take your exam, don’t forget to have breakfast, Quipperian. With adequate food and drink intake, you will have enough energy to do exam questions. When the stomach is full and thirst is gone, concentration will be better, you know.

But remember Quipperian, don’t overdo it either. If your condition is full, instead of doing the questions optimally, you will become sleepy. Don’t drink too much if you don’t want to go back and forth to the restroom.

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Enough with your breakfast with the ideal menu and drink as needed, for example with two cups of bread and a glass of milk. With a portion like this, the stomach is at least ‘stuffed’ but not too full.


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