Here Are 6 Taboo Things To Do in Indonesia

It is a taboo thing to do in Indonesia as an eastern person and the many tribes that have their own cultural traditions of course also have rules that are made with the aim of creating order in certain areas. The traditions of the Javanese people will be different from the traditions that exist in the people of Kalimantan, Aceh, Sumatra and other regions, but all the rules made by the traditional stakeholders are for the good of the community.

Taboo if translated can be interpreted as taboo or prohibition that is inappropriate to do, but taboo things to do in Indonesia usually only violate customary norms but do not violate existing legal norms in an area because in general those who violate taboo provisions will only receive social sanctions. and cannot be punished by law.

Here are 6 taboo things to do in Indonesia that you need to know

Taboo things to do in Indonesia , each region will have different prohibitions but there are also many taboo rules that occur in one area the same as in other areas because it is ethically not good or unnatural to be done by someone even though it does not violate the law but is socially disturbing sociologically for others.

Here are some things that are considered taboo by people in Indonesia:

  1. Doing something with your left hand

One of the taboo things to do in Indonesia is to give or take something from someone else using your left hand, maybe we often hear someone say sorry, use their left hand when due to certain conditions they have to use their left hand.

Although legally using the left hand and right hand there are no rules that are violated, but this is a taboo thing to do in Indonesian society.

But for people who adhere to Islam using the left hand it should not be done because the prophet Muhammad taught his people to use the right hand in doing good things.

But if you use your left hand there is no law that is violated so that it does not reach the level of sin or haram which is a law that is prohibited and avoided in Islam.

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  1. Touching the head

The next taboo thing to do in Indonesia , such as touching someone’s head, especially for older people, is considered something that is taboo or taboo to do and can be considered as a person who has no manners.

The prohibition of touching the head is indeed the most forbidden thing by eastern people but no this does not apply to people with western culture and also to Arabs, for them touching the head is a form of expressing affection for someone.

But in general, all regions in Indonesia have the same tradition of taboo for someone touching another person’s head because if it is ethically or ethically examined, touching someone’s head is of course unethical, even giving the impression that someone has no manners or in the local language it is called not there is etiquette.

It is taboo in Indonesia to touch the head because the head is considered the most important thing for humans, so it should not be arbitrary to the head.

  1. Calling Someone Older By Name

It is a taboo thing to do in Indonesia, maybe for other regions it is too excessive, namely calling someone older by only mentioning his name, for example Nurdin, Mawar or others.

However, this has become something that is prohibited or taboo for the Indonesian people who uphold the norms of decency and customary traditions as social beings in a social environment.

Abstinence or taboo things to do in Indonesia actually have a good impact on everyone who lives in a society like in our country where most of the people still live in rural areas who highly respect the customs and traditions of their predecessors or ancestors.

So without asking for an explanation as to why it should be taboo and why it shouldn’t be done, the community will follow what has been forbidden by traditional holders or parents from generation to generation.

  1. Farting or belching in front of others

Of course ethically if someone does this it will annoy other people and not even if no one is harmed, but I think this is a taboo thing to do in Indonesia because it gives the impression that someone does not have a good personality.

But it would be different if someone did it forcefully because of something, for example, because there was a stomach disorder or the wrong consumption of the wrong food that resulted in disturbances in the stomach, it is still understandable.

So taboo things to do in Indonesia generally lead and lead people to do good things in socializing in society and in the work environment.

If someone obeys taboo things that are inappropriate in daily interactions, it will certainly create public relations that are always orderly and safe.

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  1. Pointing with the index finger

taboo thing to do in Indonesia Another, such as pointing at someone with the index finger, turns out that for certain areas, especially for the Javanese, it is something that is strictly prohibited or taboo. For this reason, in order not to be said to be rude, people usually use their thumbs to point at something or someone.

Actually, if studied further, pointing using the index finger seems like someone is very loud or like ordering someone because using the index finger will point straight, it seems like pointing at someone’s eyes. It’s different if you point using your thumb or thumb, it will seem more polite because your thumb points to the left and right.

  1. Women Ask for Marriage First

This taboo thing to do in Indonesia is more about the self-respect of a woman according to the understanding of eastern culture because if a woman applies first, it gives the impression that she is demeaning herself as a woman and will bring down the dignity of the woman’s family. And of course this will be different from western culture where there is no difference whether a woman or a man proposes if it feels better to do so.

Those are 6 taboo things to do in Indonesia that are: It is important to know because as the saying goes, where the heavens and the earth are stepped on, the sky is upheld, which means that we must follow the provisions in force where we are so that we can know things that are prohibited in certain areas. Because in principle all the existing rules aim to create order and goodness in everyone so that it doesn’t hurt us to follow the taboo things that exist in Indonesia.

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