Steps for the Company’s Benefit Program to Run Smoothly

With the hope that employees feel at home and can work optimally, many companies also provide many benefits to enjoy. However, sometimes things do not go well or are balanced with the desired results so that there are parties who feel the loss.

For this reason, careful steps are needed in selecting and implementing benefit programs in the company. Especially when the current Corona pandemic is urging many business sectors to make many changes and adjustments. The steps below can be your guide if you and management decide to make adjustments to existing benefits, or if you intend to create new benefits that are more attractive.

1. Ensure Stakeholders are One Voice with the Benefit Program


Why must equal voices in determining benefits? Benefits exist for the welfare of employees, so it is natural that in its determination it takes employee opinions about what is most needed in improving welfare?.

Take the time to get support from every level of the organization, including setting goals, developing timelines, and establishing success metrics.

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2. Confirm the Details with Consultant


Although basically the provision of benefits is not bound by law in Indonesia, there is nothing wrong with making sure whether the type of benefit that will be provided is suitable for employees from a legal perspective. If as HRD you are not sure which way you will take, it never hurts to contact the relevant product consultant, or a special consultant for compensation and benefit packages.

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3. Align with Existing Company Policies

Align with Existing Company Policies

Sometimes new benefits can affect other existing benefits or policies. That’s by no means bad, but organizations need to be vigilant. It is possible that the policies and procedures of other organizations may require minor updates at the same time.

4. Don’t Forget to Communicate To Everyone

When the planned benefits are ready to be implemented, notify all related parties, especially the beneficiaries. You can make it in PDF form that contains details of the benefits of these benefits so that everyone can read them again at a later date if they forget. It doesn’t stop there, verbal communication will help employees better understand the benefits that have been made.

5. Benefit-Ambassador, Why Not?

Try to consider appointing one or two employees who have an image that matches the benefits you create. For example, the fitness center membership benefits will be represented to employees who are well-known as gym-goers, or employees who often take Yoga classes. Other employees would prefer to ask about these benefits to people who clearly understand and feel the benefits firsthand.

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6. Review of Benefit Implementation

Do a post-implementation question and answer. Once the benefits are fully implemented, don’t forget to do a briefing. It doesn’t have to be long or complicated. Just ask two questions: 1) What went well? 2) What will we do differently next time?

This will help with future improvements.


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