Managing Pensions for Civil Servants

Managing Pensions for Civil Servants   – Today, there are more and more fields of work that can be obtained by the people of Indonesia. Every individual has the same right to get a decent life by working. Opportunities to earn income are increasingly open in this modern era, ranging from private employees, entrepreneurs, to serving the country as Civil Servants (PNS

The latter job is said to be a magnet for applicants who are still looking for work. Apart from getting a fixed salary, being a civil servant also gets old-age insurance in the form of a pension. Civil servants are required to retire after reaching the Retirement Age Limit (BUP) between 53 and 65 years depending on the group. For civil servants who are approaching BUP, you must know what is needed to take care of applying for a pension.

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Here are some requirements that must be prepared by civil servants to apply for retirement:

  1. Cover letter from the Personnel Guidance Officer (PPK) of each institution which is shown to the head of the State Civil Service Agency (BKN)
  2. A letter of application for retirement from the person concerned
  3. Individual Data of Prospective Pension Recipients (DPCP) signed by the civil servant concerned or his/her widow/widower/child
  4. Copy of Certificate (SK) for Candidate Civil Servants (CPNS) CPNS and PNS (legalized)
  5. A valid photocopy of the latest rank decree (legalized)
  6. Copy of valid marriage certificate
  7. A valid photocopy of the birth certificate/birth certificate of the child
  8. Death certificate from the head of the kelurahan/village/camat (if retired due to death)
  9. Widow/widower certificate from kelurahan/village/sub-district (if widow/widower)
  10. A valid photocopy of the family list known to the head of the kelurahan/village/camat
  11. 5 pieces of 3X4 size passport.
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For civil servants who retire due to special cases, there are additional requirements in the form of:

  • Promotion of Devotion

A. Employee Work Target (SKP) last year

B. Statement letter that has never been sentenced to moderate or severe disciplinary action in the past year

  • Disability retirement due to service

Certificate from the health examination team stating the type of disability suffered by the person concerned which resulted in his being unable to work in all PNS positions

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  • Retired because he died

Certificate of temporary posthumous promotion made by the Civil Service Supervisor (PPK) from the employee agency concerned


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