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Let’s see 8 waste of money that no one notices!

Lifestyle determines the pattern of life. At first glance they look similar, but are actually different. Lifestyle can be understood as part of a secondary human need that may change depending on the times and one’s desire to change it. While the pattern of life is more directed at the way of behaving everyday, so it is often equated with the meaning of a habit. Bad life habits signify a bad lifestyle, and vice versa.

Without realizing it, lifestyle affects habits, especially in managing and using finances, so they are trapped in waste. Wasteful means spending money on things that are not really needed, just to fulfill desires. The following are habits that are often done by many people that are included in the waste without realizing it.


  • Buy luxury items

Buying luxury and items branded for collection and only used occasionally is definitely a wasteful habit. It would be wise if the money you have is allocated to things that are more useful, such as investments or even donated to social institutions in need.

Admittedly or not, many people are willing to spend tens or even hundreds of millions to buy a branded bag from a fashion designer famous . Uniquely, these items are not used to support daily activities, but only at certain moments.

buying luxury item

Buying expensive luxury items will only satisfy a sense of prestige, because functionally expensive bags with cheap ones are the same. When it comes to quality, expensive bags tend to have better quality raw materials and designs. Likewise for other types of luxury goods such as shoes, clothes, and even cars.

  • Smoke

It’s no secret that cigarettes are not good for health for both active and passive smokers. Even the government has given warnings about the dangers of smoking. Unfortunately, smoking cigarettes seems to have become an acute habit for those who are addicted to these tobacco products. Therefore, they ignore their health in order to feel the sensation of the pleasure of smoking.

The cheapest price for a pack of cigarettes is 8.00 $ and the most expensive is 13.00 $  From the cheapest price alone, it is still more expensive than the price of a slice of tuna sandwich. For those who have become heavy addicts of cigarettes, a day can spend several packs of cigarettes.

Smoking is dangerous for your wallet

Say 2 packs of cigarettes a day. This means that they have to spend their money to buy cigarettes between 16.00 $ to 26.00 $ . So, in a month they have to spend as much as 480.00 $  to 780.00 $  just to buy cigarettes, not including other basic needs for both themselves and their families.

Unfortunately, this extravagant smoking habit is not too bothered by the smokers themselves. In fact, they prefer to tremble from hunger than to tremble from refraining from smoking.

  • Drink coffee at the cafe

For some people, drinking in a cafe provides its own enjoyment and comfort. They don’t mind spending more just for a cup of coffee. Prestigious and classy impression is their priority. The price of a cup of coffee at a cafe on average ranges from IDR 2.80 $ to 4.50 $ depending on the type of coffee drink. If in a month they hang out at the cafe while drinking a cup of coffee 4 times in a week, then they have to spend between 44.80 $ – to 72.00 $ every month. If more days people spent time drink coffee at the cage. for example, almost every day, of course, more money must be spent.

reduce the habit of hanging out in cafes

Is hanging out at the cafe just for coffee? Could be yes, it could also not. There are some who order other snack menus as friends to drink coffee such as cakes, cookies, and others. The additional menu will obviously burden and take up more financial budgets.

Is this habit a waste? Of course. To enjoy a cup of coffee does not have to be in a cafe with a fantastic price. Sometimes it’s not a problem. However, if it has become a routine and a habit, it can harm financial health.

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  • Consume junk food

Junk food is often defined as junk food, which is understood as low-nutrient foods. Those who like to eat junk food may only feel full, but the nutritional quality is minimal because the body’s nutritional needs are not met. Worse, the price of junk food is not much different and some are even more expensive than foods that are complete with nutrients.

junk food normally lack of nutrition it means you are wasting your money by regularly eating junk foods beside eating healthy food

Instant noodles, fried foods, pickles, cakes, sweets, bread, cakes, and processed meats are examples of junk food. The variety of foods that are very familiar and often tempting to eat. But behind the pleasure of consuming junk food, apart from the hidden risk of disease, it is also a habit that is unwittingly including waste.

Various fried foods are very familiar to the US citizen. It is certain that everyone eats fried foods almost every day. Even in a day can consume several times. The price of fried food is quite cheap, even very affordable.

However, if you buy this type of food every day, without realizing it, the contents of the bag are eroded only to buy foods that are classified as malnutrition. Not to buy other types of junk food such as bread, instant noodles, and others.

  • Snack often

If you pay attention to the culinary business, the development is quite rapid. Many culinary businesses have sprung up that offer a variety of unique menus other than others at competitive prices. On the one hand, the development of the culinary business is positive because the economy is booming. But on the other hand, the number of food stalls reflects the increasing demand. This means that people prefer to eat snacks than cook their own food at home.

Ideally everyone needs to eat three meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. If these needs are met with snacks outside, how much money should be spent both for yourself and for your family? Of course it will take up quite a lot of part in the financial budget.

The habit of eating out often is a waste, because there is actually more money that can be saved if you cook your own food at home. Even though you are working, you can prepare lunch so you don’t have to eat out. Sometimes eating out with the family is not a problem. However, if you depend on meeting your daily food needs from eating out, then slowly but surely it will become a problem in managing and allocating your finances.

The wise sentence that states, “simple life is more modest” seems appropriate to be applied to avoid waste. The habit of living extravagantly is not good even if you have an income of tens or even hundreds of millions. It will be more beneficial if the money you have is invested in a profitable business sector, so it is not wasted just to get satisfaction and prestige.

Payment of the minimum credit card bill
For those of you who use credit cards, don’t make it a habit to pay bills in the minimum amount. This can cause you to default on very high interest costs, if done over a long period of time.

Use credit cards wisely so you can save money and always make full payments

Discount promotion newsletter
Have you ever subscribed to a site that offers discounted product coupons? If you are the type of person who finds it difficult to control the desire to shop, then you should avoid various email newsletters promotional offering discount coupons by unsubscribing .

follower discount sometime buy something dont really necessary and become a waste

Use disposable items
If you buy new clothes and never wear them again to a party or celebration, they are called disposables. Or, if you buy a lot of plastic furniture that is intended to be thrown away immediately after being used once, then these items are also disposable items. Try to use items that can be reused over and over again. Look for clothes that can be reused for other moments so that they are not wasted.

Do you want to live frugally? Savings is one of the best ways to achieve financial goals by accumulating savings. Do not let in old age you do not have enough savings for retirement. So that you can achieve your savings goals, try to identify some of the these following sources of waste that many people often don’t realize.



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