Here are 9 List of Indonesian Cities Good for Retirement

Spending retirement in peace is the dream of many people. Even for those of you who may be preparing for old age, or even for your own parents. Actually there are several good Indonesian cities for retirement that you can use as a reference.

Before knowing what are the good cities to spend retirement in, there are various factors that must be considered when looking for a comfortable place in Indonesia. Examples include completeness of infrastructure, proximity to location, environmental conditions, to the cost of living.

If there is a place with the criteria mentioned earlier, it is definitely a very comfortable city to live in. This time you can find out which cities are right for spending retirement in Indonesia.

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List of Cities in Indonesia for Retirees

  1. Solo, Central Java

The first city that is comfortable to live in in retirement is the city of Solo or Surakarta, which is located in Central Java. This is due to the condition of the people who are famous for their hospitality.

Regarding why this city is suitable for retirees, this is because the cost of living required is relatively cheap and there are also various forms of cultural entertainment in this city.

Not only that, there are also a lot of public facilities available, including health and transportation facilities which can be said to be very adequate.

  1. Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is known as a special city because the head of the government itself is the Sultan. This good Indonesian city for retirement is famous for its cultural heritage, making it a comfortable city to live in. Even Yogyakarta is very appropriate for retirees to spend their old age.

Yogyakarta has a very conducive atmosphere. As an educational city as well as a tourist destination, the cost of living in Yogyakarta is actually quite cheap. In addition, this area which is famous for its gudeg cuisine offers many tourist attractions as well as a variety of delicious culinary delights.

With so many tourist attractions and also types of culinary, spending old age will not be boring. The community is also known to be very friendly, not only to local people, but also to foreign tourists.

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  1. Ubud, Bali

Ubud is one of the most famous tourist attractions to foreign countries. Even this place is also very suitable to spend old age for retirees. This is because the natural beauty of this place is very enchanting as a good Indonesian city for retirement.

The condition of the area itself is still full of rice fields and also far from the hustle and bustle of the city atmosphere. The facilities offered are also quite complete because it has become a very famous tourist spot.

With a calm atmosphere on offer as well as healthy living for retirees, Ubud is the right place if you want to spend your old age with a relaxed life.

  1. Malang, East Java

Even though it has a small area, Malang itself offers various infrastructures that are indeed very adequate. Moreover, this city has become a tourist destination and a city of education.

The city of Malang offers various facilities, such as public transportation, health, and also tourist attractions with various kinds of uniqueness on offer.

In addition, for retirees who want to enjoy the natural atmosphere, Malang offers tranquility and a cool atmosphere which is an added value. So you can spend your old age enjoying the coolness of this city after retirement.

  1. Bandung, West Java

Bandung is one of the best Indonesian cities for retirement. The thing that makes this city very suitable for retirees is the cool air it offers. The city is also fairly clean. So it will be very comfortable if you choose it as a place to live in your old age.

In addition to the atmosphere, the people in the city, dubbed the Flower City, are also famous for their hospitality. The people are also known to be polite. Guaranteed you will feel at home spending your old age in this city.

You don’t have to worry about food either. Bandung offers a lot of places to eat with delicious and very unique food. You will easily enjoy every moment while staying in this city.

  1. Berastagi, North Sumatra

Berastagi is a city in North Sumatra which is located in the Karo Highlands. This city offers a view of the mountains that are so beautiful. Because it is located in the highlands, the air offered is still clean and cool.

Berastagi City is also famous as a place that produces a variety of the best fruits and vegetables in Sumatra. With this, living in this city can open up your business opportunities as an activity to fill retirement.

The facilities offered are clearly very adequate, such as health which is very important. Highway access to the city is also very good so it is not a problem to travel.

  1. Padang, West Sumatra

The city ​​of Indonesia is good for retirement then located in West Sumatra, namely the city of Padang. Famous for its rendang culinary, Padang is also very famous for the weather which is still very cool.

With its climate, this city is certainly the right choice to start an agricultural business or raise animals. With activities like that, your old age will not be boring. You will have a busy life in your old age. Not only that, by doing business, you can generate additional income.

Regarding the facilities, the condition of the roads in this city is very good. Coupled with very adequate facilities.

  1. Sukabumi, West Java

Apart from Bandung being the best city to spend retirement, Sukabumi is another option as a consideration for spending old age. Sukabumi is known as a quiet city and can make you feel comfortable and feel at home to live there.

The facilities offered in this city are also quite adequate, such as health services which are really needed. While the natural conditions that are owned are also fairly clean and serve as an attraction for anyone who wants to spend their old age.

  1. Wonosobo, Central Java

Mountainous areas are usually the choice for many people to spend their old age. This is because the atmosphere is cool and calm. Likewise Wonosobo which is one of the best choices to spend old age.

The weather is indeed quite cold, but with a calm atmosphere and far from the city with all its noise, this city is the right choice. You can also enjoy the beautiful scenery by visiting the Dieng plateau.

Spending old age with quiet city conditions is an important need for retirees. Therefore, you must be able to choose a good Indonesian city for retirement so that these needs are met. Before deciding to move, get to know the city that you will make your choice after retiring.

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