How to read well to have a sharp memory

1. Intention

The most important way to read a good reading begins with intention. Innama a’malu binniat, everything depends on the intention. So the intention is not only intended when we want to pray, just fasting. But for many things, intention is important and necessary.

This is related to results. If you have good intentions from the start, of course during the process you will also provide good feedback. Intention is also the basic foundation in reading.

It’s different when we read with intentions and those who don’t. If we read with intention, we can be sure that we can animate and feel the contents of the book well. If there is no intention at all, then read the book, just read it. No message we will feel.

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2. Know Your Purpose of Reading

After knowing the intention, then identify the purpose of reading it for. So before getting into the technical way, first check your purpose for reading for what reason? There are people who buy a lot of books, they don’t know it’s just because of distractions like shopaholics, so they just love shopping for books, but don’t have time to read at all. Do not read, just do not open the plastic seal of the book.

So you really have to know what the purpose of reading is. Even if you are proficient and know many ways to read a good book, if you don’t know the main purpose is the same. It’s the same because not necessarily what is read is understood, enters the brain’s memory to be used as knowledge.

Everyone has different goals and ways of thinking. I only give one example. For example, the goal is to understand the theme of the book you are studying. For example, you study the aquaphonic system in vegetable plants.

Well, of course the reading book that you read that reviews about aquaphonics you will learn. Because you already have a goal from the start, you can plant an aquaphonic system. Surely every book you read you really understand as well as possible. In fact, every chapter you really enjoy and save important information, don’t you. On the other hand, those who have no purpose in reading just read, after that they just walk away.

3. Marking Sentences Using Highlighters

If the two ways of reading are good above, tips that you can also do for effective reading is to use a highlighter. For example, you mark important sentences using a stabilizer, or colored pencils. This method is more effective in helping you remember information that is considered important.

Using a highlighter is suitable for those of you who have a visual learning method. There are people who learn more easily if they are assisted visually, there are also audio ones. Giving color to important words will also make it easier for you to remember the meaningful words in there.

In this chapter, you can actually not only use the highlighter, but also add notes using your own language. Bung Hatta often used this method every time he read. He deliberately added notes, corrections from Bung Hatta beside the sentences he read. That’s why Bung Hatta’s intelligence is not in doubt, because of his critical thinking.

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4. Create a Summary Using Sticky Notes

For those of you who don’t like to have their books scribbled on, let alone colored ink like the points above. Don’t worry, you can keep the book clean by adding notes and scribbles on the sticky notes. Then the scribbles and notes are pasted on the pages of the book you are reading.

A good way of reading with the help of this sticky note is also effective at helping you read more effectively. It is also effective in strengthening memory related to important information. Like me, I have poor memory skills. I can only remember a long time ago when I rewritten it.

Therefore, every time I read something that I think is important. I always write briefly in my own language. Then paste it in the book. Indeed, the book seems to have become thicker due to the sticky notes. But this method is very effective and successful I remember the information longer. And you can imitate this too.

5. Pay attention to the reading distance of 30 cm

The best way to read is to pay attention to distance. The standard reading distance is 30 cm meters. Why do you have to use distance? Because if you don’t use distance, your eyes will get tired easily. Actually not only tired, but also can cause eye pain minus. Ironically, this is a lot of tablets who read too closely.

In addition to reading at a distance of 30 cm, it is also recommended to read with the right posture. Good posture when reading a book by sitting up straight or sitting while leaning back. But don’t lean on your boyfriend, you won’t be reading.

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Reading in a sitting position is far more effective in absorbing the information you read, compared to reading on your stomach. Moreover, reading while sleeping, this is not recommended. Why? Because based on my subjective feelings, I fell asleep until the afternoon. So, do you read the same way every time you sleep? If so, we are the same.

6. Recognizing Reading Tastes

The last good way to read is to know your reading taste. The reading taste in this is not the book genre taste. But more to the method of reading that you like. As mentioned earlier that there are people who like and are comfortable learning audio, there are also those who are visual and use both audio-visual.

Well, for those of you who are consciously comfortable and enjoy writing while listening to music. So there’s nothing wrong with reading while listening to your favorite music. Or maybe you are one of those people who prefer to read while watching television? If it doesn’t bother you, that’s fine. Can you continue.

The point is that you recognize your reading taste. Because talking about taste, of course, everyone has a different, even unique, way of reading. If there are people who like to read while sleeping, and don’t fall asleep like me, that’s also not a mistake.


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