Fun English Games

Fun English Games for students to learn English through various popular games so that they don’t get bored quickly. In addition, the game method will help students understand and memorize material in English faster, such as: vocabulary, grammar, part of speech and spelling. English games might be the right alternative solution. Perfect material for parents and teachers who want to make English lessons more interesting and encourage students to practice English more actively. By participating in the game, they can better express their desires and ideas in English.  You can apply this game at school, at home, or in class.

English Games

Below are some Fun English Games, Learning With Pleasure!

1. First Letter Only

This game can be played with a team or individually. As the leader, you have to prepare 1 game of the alphabet A to Z. Then you take a letter and show it to the players . Decide what kind of words the players should form by starting with the letter of your choice. For example, show the letter s and determine the category of the word to be formed is sport, then each player must mention the type of sport that starts with the letter s, such as softball, soccer & skiing. Players who cannot answer will be disqualified for. Keep playing until there is one winner. Here are examples of categories you can use:


B — ball, book, bottle, bowl, broom


D — dentist, driver, doctor, detective, drummer


C  — chocolate, cheese, candy, cake


2. Not Belong

Not belong is a game that is quite famous in the world. This game emphasizes the vocabulary skills of the players. If you want to apply this game, you need to limit the vocabulary that can be used. It is highly recommended that you only use the vocabulary taught the previous day, or at least the players already know the vocabulary. Before you begin, make a vocabulary list consisting of several words from the same category and one word from a different category. As an example:

  1. tv, radio, soap, refrigerator
  2. England, history, physics, biology
  3. nose, eye, cat, mouth, hair
  4. tree, picnic, hill, river
  5. November, week, day, month
  6. door, wall, street, roof
  7. doctor, nurse, house, medicine, hospital
  8. word, sentence, clause, May
  9. meat, pork, cabbage, lamb, beef
  10. jasmine, rose, bowl, lavender

Choose a player at random, then read a sentence. The player you designate must answer correctly and quickly. For example, you read the phrase jasmine, rose, bowl, lavender. Then the player must answer correctly: “bowl!” Because the bowl is not a flower category, if the designated player can answer, it means he has the opportunity to appoint a friend for you to ask questions. But if he can’t answer, it means he is kicked out of the game.


3. Missing Vowels

This game is perfect for players without age restrictions, both elementary school children and adults. First, prepare a sheet of paper containing a list of English words whose vowels you have removed. Example:

Pat … ntly

Bel … vable


Serv… ce

rec… and


The task of the player now is to fill in the vowels in the appropriate places so that they form a complete word with the correct spelling. English teachers can use this game as material for daily tests or games at school. You can decide for yourself about the assessment of student work. For example, by giving a value of 1 for each letter answered correctly by students.

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4.  Three Same Letters

This game can be played with students, friends, or your child, especially middle class students. Each player can be the opening player, for example yourself, you have to make a sentence with a noun, explain its origin and how it behaves starting with the initial letter A. Example:

Mention a noun — I have an apple .

State the origin — I get it from America .

Mention the properties of nouns — The apple tastes acidic .

Then the next player must do something similar like that with the initial letter B, for example:

I have got a balloon .

I get it from Belgium .

The balloon size is big .

Do this until all the letters are used.


5. Letter Endings

Before the game starts, you must write 20 incomplete words ending in: ket, her, red, ted, ent,tch, ase, ind, sty, dow, try, mes, ast, ics, wly, ter, ounce, ute, ure, and ich on the board. Players need to prepare a sheet of paper and a pencil. Their task is to complete the endings of the words listed on the blackboard in one full word on each sheet of paper until the time limit is 5 minutes. When the time was up, they had to collect their answers. Each correct answer receives half a point, each incorrect or blank answer is deducted by half. or English courses.

Those are some examples of English learning games that you should know and play. We can start practicing while playing to improve our English skills. Whatever your learning method as a teacher and parent, the most important thing is to stay consistent and make learning English fun for your students and children.


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