Things Foreigners Can’t Do it and Strange Habits in the Eyes of Indonesians

People all over the world have their own characteristics and habits. There are things or actions that a person may be able to do in one country but cannot in another. In this case, there are things that Foreigners won’t be able to do and it turns out to be common in Indonesia.

The uniqueness of the Indonesian people even makes people from other countries have to shake their heads. This is due to unusual things that they may have just encountered in Indonesia.

There are things that only Indonesians can do but Foreigners cannot. When they saw it, they were amazed and even interested in doing the same. But after being practiced, Foreigners have never been able to do it.

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Things that Foreigners won’t be able to do but are common in Indonesia

So that you are not curious, here are some unique habits of Indonesians that Foreigners cannot do:

  1. Squat

One thing that Foreigners won’t be able to do is squat. You can probably do it right?. But make no mistake, it turns out that Foreigners, especially from Europe or America, can’t do it. What happened was even funnier.

Foreigners who tried to squat down fell in a very difficult situation. There are videos on YouTube and lots of experiments that prove it. When you try, you fall backwards. Just try to do your own experiment.

  1. Eat Durian Fruit

Durian is the most preferred fruit by most Indonesians. The fruit, which is nicknamed the king of fruit , does have a legit taste and a distinctive pungent smell. The scent is also very appetizing.

But make no mistake, Foreigners really don’t like the smell of the durian. In fact, in various videos about experimental Foreigners eating this fruit, they mostly can’t do it. Some people just smell the aroma, it’s like they want to throw up. So, most foreigners can’t eat durian.

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  1. Eat Petai and Jengkol

Besides not liking durian, the thing that Foreigners won’t be able to do is like eating petai and jengkol. Indeed, not all Indonesians like these two types of vegetables because they make the mouth stink. This is also the case with Foreigners, when they eat petai or jengkol they immediately feel nauseous and have no appetite.

  1. Eat Rice With Your Hands

To eat, Indonesians can do it either using their hands or a spoon. But indeed, on some food menus it will be more delicious if enjoyed by hand, for example when eating nasi padang. It feels better when you taste the food in your fingers.

Apparently, this habit of eating with hands is something that Foreigners won’t be able to do. They will have difficulty eating and the rice will be messy. Many Foreigners are also reluctant to do it because they feel unhygienic.

  1. Eat Spicy Food

Eating spicy food is something that most Asian people like, including Indonesia. In fact, there is a very spicy and very clueless chili sauce to accompany rice and side dishes. The taste of food will be much better if it is spicy or accompanied by chili sauce.

It turns out that eating spicy food more than Indonesians is something that Foreigners won’t be able to do. When they eat spicy food, they immediately feel exhausted and even have to drink a lot of milk to relieve it. If there is a spicy eating contest between Foreigners vs Indonesians, it is predictable who will win.

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  1. Wiping Mouth After Eating With Toilet Tissue

In various restaurants, often the tissue that is served on the table to wipe fingers or mouth is toilet paper. For Indonesians, this has become normal and is still considered no problem. However, this is something that Foreigners won’t be able to do.

They will be amazed and can’t use toilet paper to wipe after eating. They consider it unhygienic. In fact, maybe it’s just a suggestion because of course toilet paper is also quite hygienic even for wiping the mouth.

  1. Scrape

When you are not feeling well or have a cold, generally Indonesian people will do the healing with scrapings. The back will feel warmer and the body will feel better after scraping. But as it turned out, this thing that Foreigners wouldn’t be able to do was considered strange.

In fact, in the videos on YouTube there are Foreigners who have just been scraped a little and can’t stand it. Indeed, scraping is a bit painful. But if it has been passed, the body will become warmer and the cold will go away. But Foreigners can’t do it and they prefer to rest.

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  1. Weird Things Foreigners Do in the eyes of Indonesians

It has already been mentioned above about things that Foreigners will not be able to do. Next, there are also customs from Foreigners that Indonesians cannot do, such as the following:

  1. Using Waterless Tissue After Defecation

One of the things that Indonesians cannot do is the No Water chapter. If abroad, don’t be surprised if you find a dry toilet. This is because after defecation do not use water but tissue. Water only serves to flush the dirt.

  1. Wearing Sexy Clothes Everywhere

If abroad, it is not unusual to see women wearing sexy clothes in public places, for example in malls. This has become a habit and is considered a taboo. But in Indonesia, this cannot be done and is considered strange. Wearing sexy clothes will later become a byword and the center of attention of those around them.

  1. Kissing in Public

Abroad, a married couple or boyfriend will confidently kiss in public. This is an expression of affection. Kissing is not a taboo and can be done at any time.

Of course this does not apply in Indonesia. Kissing in Indonesia must be done in a secret place, for example in the room. If it is done in public, it will feel ashamed and violate the customs and manners in society.

  1. Bask in the hot sun

This can be easily found on beaches that are usually tourist spots for vacations like Bali. We can easily see Foreigners sunbathing on the beach and just want to be hot.

This is different from most Indonesians who tend to avoid heat. Most of us even want the appearance of white skin and if we sunbathe, it could be the other way around. For Foreigners, those who desire to have exotic Asian skin.

In conclusion, there are indeed many things that Foreigners won’t be able to do. The important part is to respect each other, where the earth is stepped on there the sky is upheld. Do not let our habits offend others who are not in accordance with the values ​​that exist there.

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