Maybe You Can Also Climb a Coconut Tree

Maybe You Can Also Climb a Coconut Tree

Coconut is a tropical fruit that is rich in benefits, by knowing how to climb a coconut tree properly we can pick fresh coconuts directly. Coconuts have water that contains potassium and minerals that are good for health. Meat from young coconut tastes good, while meat from old coconut is a delicious addition to various dishes.
Before reading to how to climb a coconut tree you need to make sure that safety comes first. Climbing a coconut tree is a dangerous act. The bark of this tree is very rough so it is very possible to scratch your skin.
Even after reaching the top, you may find animals such as rats, birds, ants and even snakes. Also beware of falling coconuts. That is why we will discuss the issue of salvation first.
The first thing you should do before climbing a palm tree is to examine the crown of the tree. Look at the top, if there are other animals or insects that are on the tree. Check carefully what is in the crown before climbing.
Once you look up, look down. Check the trunk and roots, some people use nails to climb trees and over time this can weaken the trunk, so make sure the trunk is stable without lumps.

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Next, check the roots. If it looks faded or has yellow as well as orange mold on the underside where the roots are connecting, it could be a sign the tree is sick and has the potential to be due to wind load and stress.
If you have understood the risk factors that may occur and are able to minimize them, then consider how to climb a coconut tree below.
• The first way to climb a coconut tree is to make a tie on the legs using a fairly strong rope made of coir, hemp or jute. Then tie the end of the rope and make a loop to attach to your legs. Even though you can climb without a rope, this method will make it easier for you.
• Attach the rope to your feet by placing both feet in a tight knot. When you start climbing, the rope should be around the soles of your feet so that it makes you more stable as well as providing more propulsion to make climbing easier.
• Grip the tree tightly with both hands. Make sure that your hands are strong enough to support your body. Your position is not hanging but resting tightly on the tree.
• The next way to climb a coconut tree is to place both feet on the side of the tree with the soles of both feet inward to press the tree. The leg tie that was made will serve to provide additional support if it is close to the tree.
• If you are in the right position, push your body up using the soles of your feet. Do it slowly, if needed you can take a break. Always remember to grip the tree tightly.
• If you have reached the top, the last way to climb a coconut tree is to take a coconut by turning it until it is released from the tree. Pick fruit that is easy to reach and drop it down. First make sure that no one is around the tree.
• After picking up the coconut and dropping it, you have to go back down. Grip the tree tightly, let your feet down then bend your knees, get into the frog position, grip the tree and lower your legs back down. Don’t slide off the tree, you’ll get scratched.
Benefits of Coconut for Health

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In addition to how to climb a coconut tree, knowing the benefits of coconut for health is also important. Coconut contains high amounts of saturated fat but is not harmful. This fruit has a therapeutic effect on brain disorders such as epilepsy and Alzheimer’s and others. Various benefits of coconut for body health include:
1. Fiber content
Coconut contains 61% fiber. Coconut fiber slows down the release of glucose and transports it to cells when it is converted into energy. This will help reduce stress on the pancreas and the enzyme system which reduces the risk of diabetes.
2. Controls diabetes
Coconut increases insulin secretion and blood glucose utilization. This will control diabetes positively by influencing hormones for blood sugar control, slowing the rise in blood sugar levels and helping reduce glycemic. Coconut benefits other symptoms associated with digestive and intestinal disorders by supporting the absorption of nutrients and minerals while providing dietary fiber, as well as reducing vomiting and nausea.
3. Anti-aging
Substances present in coconut such as cytokinins, kinetin and trans-zeatin prevent thrombotic, carcinogenic and aging in the body.
4. Boost immunity
Coconut nutrition is very good for the immune system with antiviral, antifungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-parasitic properties. Intake of coconut oil can help the body to increase resistance to viruses and bacteria that cause disease.
Consuming coconut in raw form can help treat several diseases such as throat infections, bronchitis, urinary tract infections, tapeworms and other diseases caused by microbes.
5. Reduce belly fat deposits
Coconut is also beneficial in reducing harmful fat in the abdominal cavity. Belly fat is the most dangerous of all fats and is associated with various diseases. Consuming 200 grams of coconut every day can reduce waist circumference significantly in just 12 weeks.
6. Healthy in General
Various studies have validated that people who eat coconut regularly will be healthier. In some countries, coconut is even the main source of fiber that has been trusted for generations.
7. Increase energy
Coconut helps increase energy by burning fat. The triglycerides found in coconut oil increase energy expenditure by 5% leading to long-term weight loss. Coconut fruit is also known as a hunger reducer.
This is directly related to the way fatty acids in the body are metabolized as ketones for an appetite-reducing effect. People who consistently use coconut products have a stronger ability to not eat for several hours without a hypoglycemic effect. Consuming coconut also improves thyroid function and relieves symptoms of fatigue.
8. Treat epilepsy
The ketogenic diet is a low-carb diet to treat various disorders. Its most popular application is to treat epilepsy in children. This diet is done by eating a small amount of carbohydrates and a large amount of fat which can lead to an increase in the concentration of ketones in the blood. This diet can dramatically reduce seizure rates in children with epilepsy.
9. Fights cancer
Coconut nutrition has also been shown to have anti-cancer properties. It has great benefits for treating breast cancer as well as colon cancer.

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10. Keeps you hydrated
Coconut water contains important electrolytes that help keep you hydrated. People who do light exercise and other strenuous activities usually drink coconut water as much as possible to replace lost electrolytes, provide hydration and boost immune response. Coconut is a better alternative to water because it is tastier and full of nutrients.
That’s how to climb a coconut tree and some of the benefits of coconuts. Hopefully you will benefit from this article and then be able to climb coconuts to get the various benefits of the fruit.


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