Interest in early childhood education is also growing in the United States. What is the focus of early education in the United States? I will explain the characteristics of early education in the United States

Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education in the United States starts with the seriousness of the elderly

During the childhood to year-round of kindergarten in United States, we spend time in nursery and day care facilities, and from older ages we go to kindergarten. In most states, Kindergarten is an annex to elementary school, and study time at Kindergarten is the same as for elementary school students.
Learning at Kindergarten focuses on reading, writing and math using phonics (English spelling and pronunciation rules).

Values ​​Emphasized in the United States

Strengthen self-expression
Early childhood education in the United States emphasizes developing the ability to express one’s opinions in addition to reading, writing and calculating.
It has been thought from early on that it is important to improve self-expression and presentation ability from early childhood, and that importance has finally become known to the general public in Japan as well.

Music is popular
Even in the United States, there are many families who place importance on education from an early age, and they receive various early childhood education.
Music is one of the most popular music these days. The idea that music is effective in developing children’s abilities in early childhood has become widespread, and many music classes exist.

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American Early Childhood Education Concept

Emphasis on developing individuality
in the United States it is important to respect and develop individuality.
Each person has his or her own opinion, expresses it, and respects each other’s opinions on a daily basis. There is no atmosphere that you often see in Japan and are afraid to say something different.
In addition, it seems that the emphasis is on maximizing the individuality of the child by providing education tailored to each individual’s abilities.

Guide rather than teach
Education in the United States is considered to be a guide.
By eliciting and inspiring your child to learn, you will be able to learn more about what your child is interested in.

Emphasis on “praise”
In America, we don’t often blame children when they fail. Instead, praise a lot of what you can do to guide you in the right direction.  Of course, if you do something wrong, you will scold it exactly. By focusing on “praise,” your child will be able to work positively on many things without fear of failure.


Early Childhood education is the key to preparing new generations for the bright future.

By providing early childhood education, it is possible to develop not only learning ability, language ability, and communication ability, but also independence. There are various methods for early childhood education, so be sure to value your child’s interests and adopt a method that suits your child.


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