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Best App offer free online English Courses

English is the most widely used language in international communication. At least for now. The question is, why has English become an international language and why does it have to be English?

English is used as an international language for several reasons. This is because English is one of the oldest languages ​​in the world, originating in the English Plains around the 8th century. In addition to English being the oldest language in the world, the vocabulary of English is also developing very rapidly. The vocabulary of the world’s oldest language is growing by 8,500 words a year, according to a joint research team of Harvard researchers and Google. Now the total number of words has reached 1.022 million words. It has a much larger vocabulary than our beloved country. compared to Indonesia. According to the language center of the Ministry of Education and Culture recently completed and published the fourth edition

Having English language skills can open up job opportunities, receive scholarships from educational institutions abroad, support our communication when traveling abroad, and encourage participation in professional development. These fact shows the importance of being proficient in English.

You can learn foreign languages without having to leave home. You don’t have to pay money to learn a subject. All it takes is an internet connection, time and willpower. Yes, you can take courses online. Here are the best  websites that offer online English Courses, you can study anytime, and free of course. this service provides offer both free courses and premium services.

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The best app offer free Online English Courses is Memrise. The platform uses its user community to educate and improve language learning for everyone using the platform. In addition to the website, Memrise is also available on play store.

Memrise uses audio, image, and memory techniques to help users associate words and their meanings so that they are easier to remember. The user will also be given a test to make sure they understand the concept.

To start using Memrise, on the homepage, select the language of instruction you want to use and the language you want to learn. Users can start from the basic level or choose the level they feel is appropriate. After selecting the desired course, people will be asked to create an account first or log in using Google or Facebook. After successfully logging in, users can start learning right away or browse all available courses. Each course will list the number of people who took the course, how long it took to complete, and how many people completed the course. Students will earn points after completing material and learning new words.

Best App offer free online English Courses

On the Memrise platform, users can learn many languages, namely English, French, Spanish (Spain and Mexico), Italian, Korean, Portuguese (Portugal and Brazil), Russian, Swedish, Polish, Danish, Icelandic, Japanese, Norwegian, Slovenian, Turkish , Chinese, Arabic, Dutch, Mongolian, Yoruba (a language spoken in West Africa), and German.

Memrise is an English learning app with a fun way to learn. In this app there are many very interesting English educational videos for you to watch, such study techniques will improve your memory so you will get a lot of new vocabulary.



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