Activities after retirement so that the elderly are healthy and productive – In order to have a happy retirement, there are a number of activities after retirement that can be done by the elderly, which are as follows:

1. Exercise regularly

While in retirement, the elderly must continue to exercise regularly to cover the lack of physical activity that was previously done at work. Not only for maintaining physical health, elderly exercise is also beneficial for treating mental health. 
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2. Gather with friends and family

Gather with friends and family

Enjoying retirement can also be done by strengthening relationships with friends and family again. You can schedule a get-together with old friends or play with your grandchildren and other family members at home.
3. Socialize with new people
In addition to gathering with friends and family, there is nothing wrong with using free time in retirement to meet new people. Elderly can join a certain community with the same hobbies or interests or participate in certain socialization activities.
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4. Volunteer
Volunteering is not only to fill spare time, but also to make friends and keep the elderly healthy and productive. Volunteering doesn’t have to be physically exhausting, you can volunteer in cooking for people on the street to volunteer teaching.
5. Find a side job
Want to stay active? You don’t need to just live your hobby, you can become a part-time worker or work at home, such as being a writer, teaching children, and so on. If you or a family member is having difficulty coping with retirement and it interferes with your daily activities, don’t be shy about visiting a psychologist, psychiatrist, or counselor.
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