9 TIPS TO READ AND UNDERSTAND THE CONTENTS OF A BOOK QUICKLY  – Reading and understanding the contents of a text or book can be done in a short time, one or two days, of course depending on how many pages to read. However, the speed in completing a reading can actually be honed by practicing the following nine tips.

1. Set target
Challenge yourself to complete several pages of the book in a certain time, daily, weekly, and so on. Set clear targets because it will push yourself to be responsible for the goals you want to achieve.

2. Book preview

Book preview
Previewing a book is like watching a movie trailer. The preview will give you an initial overview of the contents of the book and make it easier for you to understand the contents of the book. When previewing, pay close attention to titles, subtitles, and anything else written in bold or large letters.

If necessary, briefly read the introductory and closing paragraphs to get a broader picture of the book’s content, and check any pictures or graphics. Also find out the systematics or arrangement of writing the book, reports MentalFloss.

3. Don’t read every word

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The average adult’s eye can only scan three to five words in a sentence. Try to complete a line of short sentences in one glance or scan. This is important so that you don’t read it word for word.

If it’s too difficult, start by using your index finger to guide your eye movements while reading a book.

4. Don’t read every part of the text

Don't read every part of the text
According to Dartmouth College’s Academic Skills Center, reading any part of a text or book is an age-old habit. Therefore, you have to sort out and focus on the information that you think is relevant.

Unless you’re reading something really important. Selective reading will make it easier for you to digest the main points of many texts.

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5. Don’t repeat reading

Don't repeat reading
Speed ​​reading requires concentration. Minimize noise, interruptions and keep your mind focused solely on the text. If you stay focused on the text, then the habit of rereading words or sentences can be avoided. Be an active reader who is always focused on the text and trying to understand it.

6. Set the timer
Speed ​​reading takes practice to achieve results gradually. Try recording how much time you spend reading a page normally, then try eliminating minute by minute each time you reread the page.

7. Install marker

Put a marker or marker before you stop reading a text or book. This is to ensure that you continue reading the right way when you start rereading, so that the storyline of the book is conveyed well.

8. Increase vocabulary
Often when we read, we meet new words or terms that are rarely used in everyday communication. If it’s like this, what will you do? Skipping or trying to understand the word through the context of the sentence? These two things will obviously slow down your reading speed.

If you are trying to understand the meaning of the word, it will take a while for you to continue reading again. If you skip that word, it will more or less reduce your understanding of the content of the text or the book as a whole. Therefore, try to keep getting to know new words or terms, OK!

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9. Write a summary
Your task doesn’t stop when you read the last word of the book. After reading the entire text or book, write down some important points that you remember. This is one of the important steps you must take to maintain your understanding of the contents of the book.


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