8 things that are still considered taboo in Indonesia

Have you ever had any of our actions and words corrected by other people on the grounds that what we say and do is taboo?

Taboo is a social prohibition because it is considered impolite or should not be done.

In Indonesia itself, there are still a lot of taboo things that we absolutely cannot do and say, you know.

  1. Using left hand

Do you still often don’t say “sorry, use your left hand” when you receive or give something to someone else?

Basically, right and left hands are both polite, right?

However, the cause of the left hand being taboo is because the left hand is considered a dirty hand, the hand that is used to clean the anus when finished defecating.

The meaning of the word left in English (left) is also not good, that is weak or useless, you know!

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2. Buying sanitary napkins

Buying sanitary napkins

Do you still feel embarrassed if you have to buy sanitary napkins?

Many Indonesians believe that buying sanitary napkins should be hidden and shouldn’t be caught by any guy.

It’s so taboo, usually we can give a code to the seller to give us sanitary napkins, you know!

3. Calling older people by name

When we try to call someone older than us by name, we are bound to come across as disrespectful.

So, this habit is considered taboo in Indonesia, you know!

No wonder we usually use the terms ‘father’, ‘mother’, ‘mas’, or ‘ma’am’ when addressing someone who is older than us.

However, the use of this term is actually also useful for people who serve us, so it sounds more polite.

4. Public display affection

Let’s admit it, who has ever sneered when they saw people who were dating and hugging passionately in public?

Indonesia itself adopts eastern culture much more deeply than western culture. When someone shows his affection in the form of physical touch to his girlfriend, we will definitely feel uncomfortable seeing it!

Not infrequently there are people who reprimand the courtship style that is too ‘intimate’ because it is considered taboo, including rebuking people who are already married.

5. Touching someone else’s head

Whatever the relationship status, be it family, friends, girlfriends, to strangers, touching other people’s heads is considered taboo and absolutely not allowed! Especially if we touch the head of an older person!

Not surprisingly, in Indonesia itself, the head is a sacred symbol of the human body.

Touching it is considered impolite and unethical!


6. Farting or burping in front of other people

Do you often hold your fart or burp in front of other people because you feel impolite? You are one of those people who think that farting or burping is taboo, you know!

Farting and burping are actually a natural human need. However, if we feel ashamed to do it in public, we are among those who consider it taboo.

That’s why we usually just fart and burp in private!

7. Pointing with index finger

Just pointing with the index finger, we can be considered rude!

That’s why most people end up pointing with their thumbs, because they are considered more polite.

8. Sex

It’s no secret that sex is a very taboo subject in Indonesia, and it’s not even allowed to talk about it at all.

Talking about sex is talking about other people’s privacy, which means we’ve crossed the line of decency!

Even though it’s taboo, talking about sex for knowledge is very important, especially in the family and in the sphere of education, so that we know the dangers of engaging in free sex!

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