7 Ways to Attract Children's Attention to Focus on Learning

7 Ways to Attract Children’s Attention to Focus on Learning   – Elementary school age children have an active attitude that is very dominant both at school and at home. Not only teachers who have to be patient in teaching, parents also need to know how to attract children’s attention so that what is conveyed can be heard, carried out with pleasure.

Some children may seem less focused on learning, not paying attention when called by their parents. However, is that a big problem? It is important for parents to determine the attitude of how to teach elementary school children the right way to make children’s attention focus better on what is around them. Find out the reasons why children ignore, and take the following steps:

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1. Learn While Playing

Attention and focus on elementary school age children are still more dominant on games, playing and various other fun activities. Parent Pinters must understand this so that they can place the learning composition in the appropriate portion. When an indifferent child is asked to learn, then try Parent Pinters showing an interesting game that also has learning value.

Pack a lesson into an interesting toy, this method will make children interested and pay attention to what is being conveyed. Just like in school, creativity in presenting a way of learning is what will determine a child’s focus.

2. Learn to Use Technology Tools

Dealing with children who are often indifferent and less interested in learning can be helped by using appropriate technology devices. Devices can be a learning tool that steals children’s attention and it is quite possible for Parent Pinters to use it as a learning tool. The method still has to be accompanied directly.

Technology is knowledge that must be mastered and utilized for the learning needs of children, therefore Parent Pinters can use it as a way to attract the attention of children who may no longer be interested in conventional ways of learning. Children can be directed to do positive things with their gadgets. Must be controlled and directed.

3. Direct Practice

Practical learning for elementary school-aged children is also important to attract attention and reduce boredom. When Parent Pinters explain about natural science, for example, not all children are willing to listen to long explanations which might even confuse them.

An easy way to attract children’s attention is to take them directly to nature. Learn to see objects directly, show, observe and let children learn directly. This method for children will be more interesting because they are emotionally involved directly. In addition, the experience of seeing something new will make children feel happier and more focused.

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4. Have Active Interaction

Elementary school-aged children are not students who can Parent Pinters give lengthy directions and hope they will understand. If the child looks indifferent and lazy to listen to explanations, try to build an active interaction with the child. You can ask questions, take them on vacation, ask children to do fun things and so on.

The existence of this interaction will make the focus of the child’s attention change for the better on the person who gives direction. Can divert their previous activities that tend to ignore parent smarts explanations.

Distracting attention by inviting children to do interesting and fun things for children.
Make fun games to build parent-child interactions. A pleasant atmosphere will make children more able to do positive things better, including in terms of learning.

5. Study with Friends

If Parent Pinters feel that their child looks lazy to study alone at home, try making a learning innovation. Ask your child to invite their friends over to the house to study together and you can use this to make the child’s learning focus better. When studying with friends, children tend to feel more exciting and interested so that their attention can be better.

Create study groups while playing. When in a team or group, Parent Pinters will find it easier to give directions, making children more attentive to every instruction and learning that is taught. Bring up positive competition in the team so that children will be motivated to be more serious in learning.

6. Eye Contact and Humor

Not only adults who need eye contact communication, children also need to be looked at to restore focus in learning. Create an atmosphere of light humor, make children laugh, relax and finally ready to follow directions and learning. Do not overdo it with asking children to continue learning, understand the different psychological conditions of each child.

If the child says he no longer wants to learn, then create a game that still contains educational value. This method will be more effective in getting children to pay attention to Parent Pinters than still forcing them to learn.

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7. Sound Technical

If Parent Pinters are dealing with children at home, adjusting the voice with the right intonation is also part of the way to make the child more attentive. Too often talking loudly to children will actually make children not pay attention to their parents. Adjust the sound wisely according to the needs so that the child knows the psychological condition of his parents.

Continue to motivate children’s learning activities both at home and at school. Support every positive desire of children, especially in the world of education. Children want to continue their studies in prestigious and classy schools that are expensive? Do not discourage him and continue to support his desire to achieve success.

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