6 Tips to Increase Learning Motivation for Yourself

1. Determine the Learning Style

To increase motivation to learn, the first is that you must first determine your learning style. Because everyone has their own learning style. In addition, each learning method must have advantages and disadvantages.

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You have to determine whether you are a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic type. By knowing how your learning style is, you will automatically adapt easily to the material you are going to learn.

2. Create a Study Agenda

Tips to increase learning motivation after determining your learning style, it’s time for you to make a clear learning agenda. A clear study agenda will make it easier for you to manage your time with what material you have to study. In addition, you will also be more focused and concentrated in studying. Only by making this study agenda, the study you do will become more effective and efficient.

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3. Avoiding Learning Distractions

The next tip to increase motivation to learn is that you have to avoid anything that can distract you from studying. You also have to manage the time between studying by playing gadgets, playing social media, watching television, and online games. This is so that your study time is not disturbed.

In addition, try not to be in a group of people or crowds that can distract you from studying. This will make you get a better learning atmosphere, and can increase your motivation to learn.

4. Use Support Facilities

The next tips to increase learning motivation that you can do is to use your supporting facilities in learning. Because, empowering facilities or resources is also an equally important factor. You can consult your teacher or friends to get their opinion.

In addition, you can also use the library facilities or read from other recommended online sources. The more references you get, the greater your chances of increasing your learning motivation.

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5. Stay Motivated

Tips to increase motivation to learn after successfully creating your own learning atmosphere is none other than to stay motivated in learning. To keep you always in a motivated state, never feel like a failure if the results you get are not as expected. You should feel proud of what you are producing now, then with the awareness to continuously improve your learning process.

You can record the various progress you get at each stage. When you can see how far you have improved from the start, commit to study hard, you will be really proud of yourself.

6. Rest

The last tips to increase learning motivation that you have to do so that you can continue to be motivated to learn are not to forget your rest time. Why? Because rest is one of the important factors in the learning process. Continuous learning without giving time to rest will also make the brain and body tired.

With a tired body, the learning process will not be optimal. The material you learn will also not be optimally absorbed in memory. In addition, you also need rest to get a fit and healthy body condition.


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