6 Reasons Students Need to Study Independently

Separated by distance in distance learning, teachers cannot monitor students as well as when teaching and learning activities are carried out in class. But this is a good time to encourage students to learn independently. What’s the reason?

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1. Opportunity to Learn about How to Learn

It is undeniable, some learning in class aims to prepare students for exams. So when they get the opportunity to study independently, students go through their own process of finding a way to study – not just to prepare for exams.

2. The focus of independent learning lies in the process

Instead of focusing on goals, as in classroom learning, independent learning makes students pay more attention to the learning process they are going through. Many world leaders have inspired the ups and downs they went through before finally achieving success. So going through the learning process itself is a valuable experience for students.

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3. Learning Flexibility for Different Intelligence Levels

As a teacher, equalizing the tempo of learning in class has become a daily task. Each student does have a different learning speed. However, through independent study, each student has the opportunity to learn according to his own learning tempo.

4. Students Develop Various Life Skills, Including Time Management

Learning in the classroom provides comfort for students because there is no significant distraction. Learning in an atmosphere outside the classroom, on the other hand, requires students to be clever in planning, choosing priorities, and even chasing deadlines in the midst of various existing distractions. The skills to face these various learning challenges will be needed when they are in the world of work later.

5. Students learn according to their own interests

There are students who learn because of the external demands of the school. There are also students who learn because of interest, motivation that grows from within themselves. If it is based on self-interest, such as in self-study, student learning outcomes will be even better.

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6. Students Recognize Their Own Strengths and Weaknesses

As they study independently, students have the opportunity to know themselves better. So over time, students can recognize their strengths and weaknesse

Independent learning is a learning process that is far from comfort and perfection, far from the atmosphere in the classroom. When studying independently, students often have to stumble on stones repeatedly. However, it is this forging of discomfort that makes students tough learners throughout their lives.


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