5 Health Benefits of Coconut You Should Know!

Coconut are not something unfamiliar in our lives. However, behind the simplicity of its shape, the benefits of coconut for human life are truly extraordinary.5 Health Benefits of Coconut You Should Know!

Here are 5 health benefits of coconut you should know:

1. Antidote to Poison

So far, it has become a common belief that coconut water is very beneficial to our body’s health, especially to neutralize all kinds of toxins in our body. There are many types of toxins that invade our bodies and exist. Some causes are chemicals carried during active food, smoking habits, drinking, or taking drugs.

Apart from these things, coconut water is also believed to neutralize the body from mystical influences. However, I will not explain the benefits of this one because there is no scientific explanation.

Young coconut water is not just any coconut water. However, many suggest it is more efficacious to use young, green coconut water. But, be careful not to be fooled by coconut fruit traders in buying green coconuts. Because, basically, young green coconut has a distinctive feature, which is located on the inner skin at the top when peeled it will be pink. Green coconut does not mean the type of green coconut, because green coconut is not synonymous with green. Because, there are several types that are classified as green coconut, but not green.

Besides being able to neutralize various toxins in the body, coconut water can also prevent fish poisoning. Tuna is a marine fish which when eaten can cause poisoning. Symptoms can vary, ranging from nausea, dizziness, fainting, and can even cause death. These symptoms are symptoms of fish poisoning caused by high histamine levels in fish.

This can be treated by consuming coconut water. As the results of research conducted by Nunik Siti Aminah, Supraptini, Enny W. Lestari, Soejitno, and Sukijo, which were published in the 2009 edition of Tongkol Mirror World Medicine (CDK) magazine, it was found that coconut water has the potential to prevent poisoning caused by marine fish. . This is because the albumin substance in coconut water can kill histidine (histamine-producing) bacteria, so that histamine is not formed in fish. As we know, high histamine levels in marine fish can cause poisoning in humans. Thus, poisoning due to tuna can be prevented.

In this study, fish samples were treated by cooking with coconut milk for 15 minutes or until boiling, or soaking in coconut water for 30 minutes. The control treatment was fresh fish. Each experiment used 10 tails and 3 replications. Then, the quality deterioration, histamine content, and microflora were examined. The most important decline in fish quality from the criteria for declining fish quality is the smell, appearance, and consistency of the fish’s stomach wall. Each quality factor is given a value, namely the number 10 for the highest value, and the number 1 for Lowest value. Fish are taken at certain time intervals and their value is recorded. Then, the organoleptic quality deterioration curve will be obtained. Thus, from this study, it was concluded that coconut water can neutralize histamine toxins.

2. Helps Healing During Dengue Fever

Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) is a disease that often threatens when the rainy season arrives. This disease is caused by the dengue virus which is transmitted through the bite of the Aedes mosquito, which causes disruption of the capillaries and blood clotting systems. So, as a result of the bite, bleeding occurs. Usually, this disease causes disorders of the capillaries and blood clotting systems. So, as a result of the bite, bleeding occurs. This dengue virus appears every year due to poor environmental sanitation that provides breeding places for female mosquitoes. Such as clear water pooling, containers filled with open water such as bathtubs, used cans, flower vases, water for the back of the refrigerator, piles of used tires in the yard, and other dirty surroundings. All of this is the result of unclean living habits practiced around the house.

While the symptoms caused by this disease vary. Starting from fever accompanied by rashes, headaches, pain behind the eyes, joint and muscle pain, nausea and vomiting, even accompanied by continuous fatal bleeding. If you have this disease, one of the things recommended by the doctor is to drink more than 2 liters of water in 24 hours.

However, there is actually water that is more potent than plain water, namely coconut water. Electrolyte-rich fluids are very good for cells and improve blood flow, thereby reducing the risk of blood clots. Well, coconut water is rich in electrolytes. Coconut water electrolytes and minerals serve as a substitute for body fluids and boost immunity.

Although coconut water is a health drink that can help cure dengue fever sufferers, consuming coconut water should be added with salt. This is because coconut water contains a lot of potassium, which relaxes muscles, including the heart muscle, making people weak. With the addition of salt, potassium will bind to chloride.

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3. Healthy Nutrition for Pregnant Women

Empirically, the advice passed down from generation to generation by our ancestors was true. Namely, coconut water is very good for pregnant women. This is evidenced by an examination in pharmacology that coconut water contains high electrolyte substances. So, how does it relate to pregnant women? To answer this question, we seem to have to recall the advice of parents to their pregnant children. Old people used to recommend that a woman who is pregnant to drink young coconut water or water with. This is intended so that the baby’s skin becomes white, clean, and shining. That’s their belief about coconuts. And, it turns out, these perceptions and habits are preserved until now. In fact, a pregnant woman sometimes drinks the head water obtained from a coconut per day. On the other hand, the role of coconuts increases with gestational age. If during early pregnancy or in the first to the second trimester, the water part of the coconut that is consumed, then in the third quarter it is the turn for the finished product to be consumed. For example, in the form of coconut oil or coconut oil essence. The goal is none other than to make the birth of the baby smooth. In other words, so that the baby’s “path” becomes slippery so that it makes delivery smooth.

According to a traditional healer, Azwar Agoes, the advice that has been passed down from generation to generation by old people is true. In pharmacology, coconut water contains high electrolytes so it is useful as a substitute for lost body fluids. On the other hand, during pregnancy, there is more evaporation of body fluids in the form of sweat and urine. As a result, if it is not replaced, the pregnant woman’s body can become dehydrated. Moreover, the fluid is also to meet the needs of the baby it contains.

Actually, the function of coconut water is to replace the evaporated liquid so that the more you drink, the better because the liquid is replaced. While coconut water can make baby’s skin clean, this opinion needs to be straightened out. In health theory, micronions or feces that are present in babies at birth can be caused by amniotic fluid. Fats that are often found in the baby’s skin at birth are due to the presence of fat in the amniotic fluid.

According to Azwar, it is not true that by drinking lots of young coconut, the baby’s skin will turn white. Drinking lots of young coconut can replace the body fluids of pregnant women, according to scientific studies. This is not much different from consuming coconut oil during pregnancy. According to him, oil, culturally and culturally, is indeed used as a lubricant. For massage and massage, coconut oil is often used, so it is very likely that there is an assumption that the oil can facilitate labor.

However, in obstetrics, it is learned that in the birth canal there is already fluid in the form of mucus produced by the portio. So, even without drinking coconut oil, the birth canal is actually slippery because there is mucus. According to Azwar, if coconut oil can smooth bowel movements, it can be scientifically justified, however, to smooth the birth canal is not true because the digestive tract and birth canal are different. However, it is clear that coconut water has a high electrolyte content and can replace lost body fluids so that it can help nourish pregnant women.

4. Processed into Healthy Coconut Oil

Currently, the use of coconut is more developed. One of them, by making it into virgin coconut oil (VCO). Until now, virgin coconut oil has been widely discussed because of its health benefits. Experts began to be interested in researching the content of VCO and its relation to human health. According to various references, VCO is made from fresh coconut meat. The manufacturing process is carried out at low temperatures.

In addition to cooking, coconut oil has benefits and efficacy for treatment. It is said that since ancient times, coconut oil has been used for hair oil which is usually used on small children and infants so that hair growth becomes fertile. Apparently, coconut oil can blacken hair and strengthen roots with regular use once a week. Whether it’s true or not, what is certain is that until modern times, the use of coconut oil for hair is still used today. There are many benefits contained in coconut oil for health, so I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to call it rich in health.

David Allorerung, et al. (2008) explained the results of research related to the health benefits of coconut oil. A study conducted in India showed that cardiovascular attacks on the island of Nicobars are very low because the people who live on the island consume coconut. Similarly, residents on Lashadeveep Island who consume coconut flesh and coconut oil as edible oil, which in fact their cases of heart disease are very low. It is also known that the use of coconut oil as a baby food formula can help absorb calcium. Coconut oil (VCO) is believed to have a number of properties to maintain human health. This is because of its high fatty acid content.

5. Helps Cleanse the Digestive Tract

Coconut is the favorite drink of most people because of its delicious and refreshing taste. However, more than that, coconut has great benefits for the health of the body. The part of coconut that is nutritious for the body is the water. Pure coconut water (without a mixture of sugar, ice, and water) can be a natural isotonic drink that you can consume after exercising. I think we all know about isotonic drink products on the market. However, it will be much safer for the body if you consume a kind of natural drink, namely by drinking coconut water.

Coconut water contains the same electrolytes as the body’s electrolytes, so it can rehydrate the body and replace fluids after exercise or strenuous activity. Besides functioning as an isotonic drink, coconut water also contains calcium, magnesium, and potassium, which can improve blood circulation. Not only that, if you have problems with digestion or have difficulty defecating, just drink young coconut water. In it, there are anti-bacterial and anti-bacterial so that it can launch the function of the digestive system. In other words, during pregnancy, the placenta produces the hormone progesterone, which slows the contraction of the stomach muscles so that digestion slows down. In addition, coconut water can help increase the speed of digestion. So, coconut water can help facilitate the digestive process as well as clean it.

That’s my explanation regarding the awesome benefits of coconut for health: 5 health benefits of coconut you should know!

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