5 Causes Children Have Difficulty Focusing on Learning, Parents Need To Know This  – When studying, it is not uncommon for students to have difficulty focusing, especially at a young age. In fact, when studying requires high concentration.

But as students get older and as they have more homework and responsibilities, they should be able to focus their minds on a task and get it done.

Concentration and focus are muscles that require regular practice. Some students may be naturally stronger than others, but all students can learn strategies that will help improve their ability to focus.

After all, focus and concentration are important skills for school students. Most students can easily concentrate on fun activities but lose concentration on activities that seem boring or difficult to them.

Before helping a child sharpen a skill, it’s important to understand what makes focusing difficult in the first place.

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Five factors affect a child’s ability to focus:

1. Anxiety or stress

Reported in Oxford Learning, when students multitask or focus on many things at once, they can experience stress or anxiety. When stress increases, the ability to focus and get work done is a cause of stress for students which can become a self-defeating cycle.

Meanwhile, according to the Child Mind Institute, the anxiety felt by children can cause them to have difficulty concentrating while studying. Anxiety is usually followed by a fear of embarrass yourself when asked to do something by the teacher.

2. Still adapting to the environment

When adapting to a new environment, it can also make it difficult for children to focus when studying. This is not only because children have just moved schools, but after a long holiday, most children will also learn to adapt to their environment.

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3. Don’t understand the material

When your child is studying or online school, have parents ever seen their child staring at the material but not getting excited? If so, the child may not understand the material so that he cannot focus on learning.

4. Eating habits

What your little one eats can have a big impact on his or her ability to focus. Eating a balanced nutritious diet can help students focus on what they are doing, including doing schoolwork.

Do not let the children skip breakfast. So make sure the kids go to school full. Make sure every day he eats a healthy and balanced diet that contains protein and healthy fats.

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5. Obsessive compulsive disorder

Reported on the BPK Penabur page, the condition of obsessive compulsive disorder will be seen in elementary school-aged children. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a type of anxiety disorder that causes a person to have uncontrollable thoughts.


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