15 Benefits of Reading Books in Life

Books are a source of various information that can open our horizons about various things such as science, economics, social, culture, politics, and other aspects of life. In addition, by reading, it can help change the future, and can increase the intelligence of our minds and minds.

Without us realizing it, the benefits of reading books can provide a lot of inspiration for us. Unfortunately, recently, the activity of reading books has been neglected by various groups for reasons of being busy, as well as because there are more practical media to get information such as television, radio, and internet media.

Here are some of the benefits of reading books that we can get in addition to educating the brain. including:

1. Can Stimulate Mentally
The brain is one of the organs of the body that requires exercise to stay strong and healthy like other organs of the body. Reading books can keep the brain active so that it can perform its functions properly and correctly. Several studies have shown that reading books can stimulate mental and even prevent Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

2. Can Reduce Stress

After a day of tiring daily routines, not infrequently this can trigger stress. By doing reading activities that can be done for a few minutes can help suppress the development of stress hormones such as the hormone cortisol. Reading can make the mind more relaxed so that it can help reduce stress levels by up to 67%.

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Apart from relaxation, reading books can bring immense inner peace and tranquility. Reading can lower blood pressure and has been shown to help people with certain mood disorders and mild mental illnesses. This is the benefit of reading books that many people ignore, many people think that reading books actually makes the brain continue to work and causes stress, whereas the benefit of reading books is to reduce stress.

3. Adding Insights and Knowledge

Reading books can fill our heads with various kinds of new information that we don’t know so far which will most likely be useful for us in the future. The more knowledge we have, the better prepared we will be to face the challenges of life both now and in the future.

In addition, knowledge is a very valuable thing that can never be lost even if we lose other things in this world, such as property, objects, and others. Stories and ideas contained in a book that we read can help to open our minds to know more about the other world, gain understanding more than before.

4. Can Increase Vocabulary

The more we read books, the more we will get explanations about things we don’t know, and can increase the number of vocabulary we can use in our daily lives. This of course can help us to be able to articulate, help express opinions in clear language, and can increase confidence when talking to other people.

5. Can Improve Memory Quality By reading books can contribute to improving the quality of our brains in the process of remembering, various kinds of things we have read. For example, characters, backgrounds, ambitions, history, as well as various elements or plots of each storyline. Each memory can help to forge brain pathways and strengthen them. In addition, reading activities can stabilize one’s mood.

By reading books can help exercise the brain to the maximum than just watching television or listening to the radio. A president director of Haskins Laboratories research named Ken Pugh, PhD said that the habit of reading books can stimulate the brain to think and concentrate.

6. Training Skills for Thinking and Analyzing

The benefits of reading books can train the brain to be able to think more critically and analyze the problems presented in what we read. We like getting access or a way to get into the storyline and help in the completion of the story. It can help develop our character in the future.

7. Can Improve Focus and Concentration

At the time of reading a book, we can train the brain to be more focused and concentrate on what we read. This will train us to be able to focus more on various activities or daily routines.

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8. Train to be able to write well

With the increase in the vocabulary we have from reading books, it can automatically help us to be able to make our own written works in language that is as good as or even better than what we have read before.

9. Can Expand One’s Thinking

People who like to read books have been reported to have higher levels of creativity than people who don’t or don’t like to read. By reading books, we can share experiences with other people about various things, which later we can use as a material for consideration to be able to decide something.

10. Can Improve Social Relations

Activities like reading this book also affect aspects of human social life, where he can get to know various kinds of characteristics, culture, and social life of a society. So that if one day he visits the place, he already knows how to behave to respect their customs and culture.

11. Can Help Prevent Decreased Cognitive Function

Based on a study conducted by Rush University Medical Center, it was stated that someone who spent their time doing creative or intellectual activities such as reading experienced a cognitive decline rate of up to 32% than those who did not read in the future. Reading books can make the brain work more efficiently by changing the structure of age-related neuropathologies.

12. Can Increase One’s Empathy

According to research conducted by New York University, reading books can improve our ability to better understand other people’s feelings. So that it can improve the quality of better relationships with the people around us.

13. Can Push One’s Life Goals

According to research conducted by Ohio State University, reading books can help a person to get motivated in overcoming various kinds of obstacles, so that later they can help in achieving their life goals. When people can better identify their characters, experiences, and events as if they were happening to them, the more likely they are to take action.

14. Can Help Us Connect With The Outside World

A psychologist from the University of Buffalo stated that when someone is reading a book, it can help him to identify the characters in the book he is reading. He will experience the kinds of real-life relationships that can increase the sense of inclusion. In other words, reading can increase friendship with the outside world.

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15. Can Save More

Reading books will have an impact on the economy. Where by reading books can save money instead of having to bother looking for the services of other information or entertainment providers, such as cinemas.


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