13 Ways to Make Children Focus and Concentrate

13 Ways to Make Children Focus and Concentrate

– Every child has their own level of concentration and focus, so the situation will be very different from one child to another.

Focus or concentration can be said as the ability of our brain to be able to focus attention and also thoughts on a certain object, and in this case it will greatly affect various things, for example environmental factors, development of children’s attention, motivation, interest factors, goals, emotions. physical condition, and other purposes.

The focus or concentration of a child and also an adult is usually different, and for each child it must be different too, in this case we also need to pay attention to how long the child can concentrate or focus on something that is taught to him, so we need also the name to be able to understand every child.

The thing that is usually very closely related to concentration is learning because in learning, of course we need concentration and focus.

For this reason, every parent and teacher usually looks for ways so that their children can concentrate well. for that in this article we will discuss the right way to make children focus and also concentrate:

  1. Provide games that can train focus

Most of the children still think that the only thing they do is play, so as a parent, it is better to provide various activities that are considered fun by children.

It’s best not to introduce gadgets, tablets and so on. Give the child an ordinary game that can improve his focus and concentration.

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2. Provide a quiet environment

Every child does have their own focus and concentration power, there is nothing wrong with every parent giving different teaching, for example providing a calm and peaceful environment first, this can also train children to concentrate,

Although there are also children who thrive in a busy environment, parents can also provide calm music and adequate lighting, so that children can also regulate their mood. especially when you are focusing and concentrating on your homework.

3. Keep gadgets away from children

For children who are addicted to gadgets like this, parents can also look for various ways so that children can get rid of their habit of playing gadgets constantly, by keeping gadgets away from other rooms, for example placing cellphones, televisions and computers in a separate room. different.

Do not put it together with the room where the child is studying, this can also train the child’s focus and concentration later.

4. Find the right method.

Every child must have a different way to concentrate, as well as the length of time he can concentrate, parents should also be able to find the right educational psychology method for their child, so that children can also be trained to focus and have the right concentration for themselves.

5. Choose an effective study time

Time selection in learning is also very important to train children’s focus, because children can have different times.

For this reason, parents should pay attention to time too. do not invite children to learn to concentrate and how to increase focus on children during bedtime when it will be difficult to do, find a time where the children are still very fresh to be able to focus more, for example in the morning.

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6. Give tasks according to the child’s age

Sometimes children also cannot focus because the work or lessons given are too difficult for them. For this reason, parents should also be able to measure and provide work that is indeed appropriate for the age of the child, so that later the child will be able to focus much more and concentrate.

7. Giving responsibility to children

By teaching responsibility to children, this can also make children more responsible for themselves, so that it will indirectly teach children to be able to focus and concentrate better.

Children will feel trusted by parents or teachers, and this can also build concentration and focus in children later.

8. Turn off the television during the activity

When parents are teaching their children homework, it’s best to turn off the television, and don’t let the children lose their concentration, and instead they will concentrate more on listening to and watching programs on television than having to study, which is their obligation.

So that by turning off the television, it can be used as a way to increase the concentration power of children’s learning.

9. Improve your child’s routine

Giving the right schedule for children is also very important, because it will make the child more disciplined, and help him to be able to regulate the brain, so that the child will know better when he has to do learning activities, so that his concentration will increase later.

10. Provide nutritious intake

Providing good food for children can also be related to training their concentration power. Don’t always give your child junk food, because practice will make them slow in concentration, give them food that is nutritious and rich in vitamins, so that later the child will be healthier and can increase their concentration power.

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11. Giving children a reward

There is nothing wrong as a parent giving the child an award in the form of a reward, for example praise or it can also give a gift if the child can concentrate on studying very well.

so that the child will be more enthusiastic and also train himself to be able to get the reward back by trying to improve himself so that he can be more focused and also concentrated, especially in terms of learning.

12. Give playtime

Basically, children prefer to play rather than study, so that children are not too pressured by the learning activities given by their parents, you should also give time for children to play after doing their learning activities.

This is also so that the child is not easily stressed, and trains his brain to relax more after he learns. This method can also be called time management theory in psychology.

13. Using short time but often

By giving a short time but often it can also train children later so they can concentrate more, even though the time is short, but this can also give a very high quality time.

So that children can be trained to become children who can do their activities more with focus and concentration.


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