10 Best Free Online Spanish Classes

10 Best Free Online Spanish Classes

Spanish is one of the most spoken languages ​​in the world – it is popular in Europe, South and Central America, and in the US, Spanish is considered the second most used language after English. Which websites to go with, where to learn Spanish and learn online for free – we will help you find out in this review.

10 Best Free Online Spanish Classes

Here are 10 Best Online Spanish Classes that are worth trying:

bbc.co.uk/languages/spanish/mividaloca/ep01 – interactive video course BBC, designed for 12 weeks. Lessons are held in English.

babadum.com/play/?lang=4&game=1 – free and fun games that will help you easily learn and remember new information in the Spanish language.

spanishgrammarguide.com – a very user-friendly site that provides basic grammar.

vse-kursy.by/onlayn/85-izuchaem-ispanskiy-yazyk.html – Spanish lessons. The lessons go from the simplest to the more complex rules. There are exercises to reinforce the material.

youtube.com/channel/UCtM6bL3RYao2mzYML7P19gQ – a series of video lessons on pronunciation. Its compiler is the author of one of the best Russian textbooks in Spanish.

verbos.org/verbos-espanoles/verbos-espanoles.htm – a useful site that will help you improve the level of conjugation of Spanish verbs.

newsinslowspanish.com – they read the news in Spanish very slowly here. The site will be very useful for beginners, it will be nice to use it for advanced level students. You can adjust the rhythm of the story.

soundsofspeech.uiowa.edu/spanish/spanish.html – Helps to understand the pronunciation of sounds. Here you will get acquainted with the pronunciation of certain letters or combinations.

youtube.com/watch?v=4LjDe4sLER0 (with English subtitles)
youtube.com/watch?v=eyGFz-zIjHE (with Spanish subtitles)
Humorous video that will demonstrate the difference between Spanish dialects.

The example above shows 10 recommended online Spanish courses you should try, good luck learning Spanish!




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